Sizing & Fitting Instructions

Choosing the right size Calming Coat for your dog

Dogs come in all different shapes and sizes. When choosing a size to correctly fit your dog, measure around your dog’s chest behind the front legs at the widest point of their rib cage. If choosing between two sizes, choose the smaller size as our Calming Coat stretches with adjustable Velcro. The Calming Coat should fit snug around your dog.




Fitting your Calming Coat

Follow the below fitting diagram to ensure a proper fit when placing the Calming Coat on your dog


Step 1
Place your Calming Coat on your dog's back. Fit the Long Chest Wrap around the front of your dog and secure to Velcro on Short Chest Wrap. THIS SHOULD BE LOOSELY FITTED (E.G. THE COLLAR "TWO FINGER" RULE). Be sure not to secure tightly to prevent limiting your dog's movement.
Step 2
Wrap the Long Body Wrap under the torso of your dog through the Body Slit.
Step 3
Continue the Long Body Wrap over the back of your dog.
Step 4
Wrap the Short Body Wrap under the torso of your dog and secure to Velcro straps on opposite side of the Long Body Wrap. Adjust as needed for proper snug fit.